Cyclopoida (maxillopoda) Of The Kharkiv Region


S. A. Sidorovsky

This research was focused on distribution of the Calanoida species in the Kharkiv Region. Three species were found in the Kharkiv Region for the first time: Eucyclops macruroides (Lilljeborg, 1901), Eucyclops serrulatus (Fisher, 1851) and Mirocyclops rubellus (Lilljeborg, 1901). We did not register the species as follows: Cyclops incidulus (Claus, 1857), Criptocyclops bicolor (Sars, 1863), Cyclops lucidulus (Koch, 1836), Cyclops pulchellus (Koch, 1836), Diacyclops bisetosus Rehberg, 1880, Diacyclops crassicaudis (Sars, 1863), Diacyclops languidus (Sars, 1863), Leptocyclops agilis (Koch, 1836), Leptocyclops lilljeborgi (Sars, 1863), Leptocyclops speratus (Lilljeborg, 1901), Megacyclops viridis Jurine, 1820, Mesocyclops gracilis (Lilljeborg, 1901), Metacyclops gracilis (Lilljeborg, 1853), Microcyclops varicans (Sars, 1863), Platycyclops affinis (Sars, 1863), Platycyclops timbriatus (Fischer, 1851), Macrocyclops fusus (Jurine, 1820) and Eucyclops macrurus (Sars, 1863) in the Kharkiv Region since the first record by G. F. Fadejev in 1929.


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