Degasation and dust control methods in major blasts in the open pit of inguletsky ore mining and processing complex (ingok). research and industrial tests results


Gerasimchuk Olexander, Shchokin Vadym*, Zamriy Sergii and Ezhov Vladislav

The paper presents the results of experimental and industrial tests of the efficiency of reagents in the pre-humidification of units and their use in internal and external water stemming to reduce dust and degassing during mass explosions. In the course of the research from 2017 to 2021 in the conditions of PJSC "Ingulets Ore Mining and Processing Plant" reagents safe for humans and the environment were used, the maximum environmental efficiency of internal and external water stemming with the use of humate reagent TU U 20.5-43384697-001: 2020 was proved. The effective solution of humate reagent, which was used in the tests, was determined experimentally by conducting additional laboratory studies, the results of which are presented in the article. According to the results of industrial tests, the process of binding of fine dust particles, which are actively involved in the overall process of formation of the dust-gas cloud and the effect of neutralization of gases after the explosion is grounded. At a concentration of aqueous solution of humate reagent of 3%, the ecological efficiency in comparison with water was: dust suppression increased by 20.0%; neutralization of carbon monoxide-59.4%; neutralization of nitrogen oxides-55.1%.

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