Development and density of lime leafminer Phyllonorycter issikii (Kumata, 1963) (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) on lime trees


I.M. Shvydenko, A.G. Bulat, S.I. Pozniakova, H.Kh. Ramakaieva, A.V. Matsyura, S.V. Stankevych*, I.V. Zabrodina and V.V. Goroshko

We have studied some bioecological peculiarities of the lime moth under conditions of the Kharkiv region: the density of mines of the lime leafminer population pieces/leaf, and the dynamics of flight, the population of lime tree leaves. The density of mines of the lime leafminer population was close to 2 pieces/leaf. The flight of butterflies after overwintering began in the first decade of May, of the second generation – in the second – third decades of June. The maximum mines density was registered in the second decade of June and the second decade of August. The maximum leaf population by lime leafminer reached 50% in Danylivsky experimental State Forestry Enterprise and Forest Park.

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