Distribution and management of the zoophilous flies


V.N. Domatskiy and E.I. Sivkova*

Zoophilous flies are a serious problem in animal husbandry and the source for pathogens of many infectious and invasive diseases, and their larval phase itself causes their own disease. The species specificity of flies is poorly expressed, but they give the greatest preference to cattle. More than 120 species of these insects come into contact with animals. Of these, 92 species are found in pastures, 57 in cowsheds, 48 in pigsties, and 27 in stables. The most harmful are 30 species of flies (5 species of stable flies, 4 bloodsuckers, 16 licking and 5 species of flies that cause myiasis in animals), which can be divided into 4 families: stable flies (Muscidae), blue bottle (carrion) flies (Calliphoridae), fleshflies (Sarcophagidae) and bloodsuckers (Hippoboscidae).

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