Ecological assessment of variability of quantitative signs of spring wheat samples


Yu.Yu. Chuprina*, I.V. Klymenko, L.V. Golovan, I.M. Buzina, O.V. Koliada, V.H. Mikheev, О.О. Mikheeva, N.P. Turchynova and I.O. Derevyanko

The article covers the assessment of the variety of the main species characteristics of spring wheat-ear length; length of awns; the number of spikelets in the ear; number of productive spikelets; the number of grains in one ear; weight of one ear; weight of grain from one ear; weight of 1000 seeds. The asymmetry index indicates how asymmetric the data distribution is relative to the normal distribution. If the asymmetry is a positive value, then most of the data has a value that exceeds the sample average.

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