O.O. Khodanitska*, V.G. Kuryata, O.A. Shevchuk, O.O. Tkachuk and I.V. Poprotska

It has been established the effect of growth stimulator with auxin, gibberellin, cytokinin compounds complex on the features of growth processes, anatomical organization of vegetative organs, productivity of linseed oil plants (Linum usitatissimum L.) and energy efficiency under application of growth regulator. Application of treptolem during the budding period leads to increase in the productivity of linseed oil by the increasing of morphogenesis process of vegetative organs with simultaneous restructuring of anatomical structure of shoots and leaves. The increase in stem diameter due to better development of bark, xylem, thickening of bast fibres enhances the resistance of linseed oil plants to lodging. Stimulator induces enhanced development of the photosynthetic apparatus: formation of a larger number of leaves, prolongation of their active functioning, increasing of chlorenchyma cells size and improving of chloroplastogenesis. The enhancement of photosynthetic productivity of linseed oil plants leads to an intensification of carpogenesis, an increase in yield and an improvement in the crop structure. Treptolem treatment increased the oil content in flax seeds and its unsaturation. The content of residual amount of morphoregulators in seeds is significantly lower than the permissible concentration. Improving of linseed productivity under treptolem as a stimulator of plant development is accompanied by changes in the amount of obtained crop energy, the structure of energy intensity and an increase in the energy efficiency ratio.

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