Environmental conservation of agrarian landscapes in the Steppe zone of Ukraine


O.Tsyliuryk, V.Chorna*, N.Voroshylova, L.Desiatnyk, T.Ananieva and K.Kharchenko

The concept of identity of the environment is formulated as one of the basic characteristics of the environment. As measures for the preservation and sustainable development of the environment identity of the agricultural landscapes of the steppe zone of Ukraine, the effectiveness of the use of forest shelterbelts and complete fallow has been determined. The significant role of artificial forest plantations in the migration of radioactive elements in the ecosystem has been confirmed. The indices of the content of natural radionuclides and the effective specific radioactivity decreased in the surface layer of the soil as the age of the trees increased. A set of features has established the high efficiency of care for complete fallow by the type of early fallow in the Steppe of Ukraine: high ecological erosion preventive safety, water-accumulating ability, high economic efficiency, which provides for the replacement of deep fall plowing with surface mulch spring cultivation.

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