Influence of fertilization and foliar feeding on maize grain qualitative indicators


L. Shynkaruk* and V. Lykhochvor

The article presents the research results on studying the impact of fertilizer rates and foliar feeding on the qualitative indicators of maize grains. The rise in fertilizer rates fostered the increase in crude protein content in maize grains, but there was a decrease in starch and crude fat content. Foliar feeding had the most significant effect in the complex application (Maize boost+Rexolin ABC+urea 5%+magnesium sulfate 5%) in the phase of ejection of panicles at all levels of NPK fertilizers. One has defined that increasing the rate of fertilizers to N160P80K140 and foliar feeding using Maize boost+Rexolin ABC+urea 5%+magnesium sulfate 5% in maize tassels of phase received the highest content of crude protein in the grain-11.10%. The starch and fat content were highest in the control variant with N80P40K60 fertilizer-74.20% and 4.33%, respectively.

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