Influence of growing technology on Moreland F1 sweetcorn grain hybrid quality


Ya.Ya. Hryhoriv, I.M. Masyk*, S.I. Berdin, L.V. Kriuchko, O.I. Pshychenko, V.V. Moisiienko, S.V. Stotska, V.Z. Panchуshуn and V.I. Filon

The article presents the results of research concerning the study of influence of cultivation technology elements on the formation of grain quality indices of sweetcorn hybrid Moreland F1 on sod-podzolic soils under conditions of Precarpathians of Ukraine. The studies have shown that sweetcorn quality indices for hybrid Moreland F1varied unequally with different agronomic complex of crop growing. Thus, pericarp thickness of the grain did not depend on the studied elements of agricultural technology and ranged from 0.174 to 0.206 mm. The weight of 1000 grains of the crop significantly depended on all elements of cultivation technology, and was the highest on the background of nutrition N135P90K125 + N60 + N30 and plant density 60 thousand/ha - 181.51 g. The maximum content of sugar and dry matter was also for above mentioned agronomic complex, and composed 4.25 and 33.52%, respectively.

Thus, it was found that the highest dry matter content provides a variant with application of mineral fertilizers at a dose of N135P90K125 + N60 + N30, which forms from 31.25 to 33.52% depending on thickening of plants.

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