H.F. Chechui*, G.I. Yarovoy, A.P. Palii, S.V. Chuhaiev, V.P. Koliada and O.V. Koliada

The search for safe means of influencing individual metabolic processes for the action of heavy metals is of considerable interest in plant growing. The influence of selenium on the activity of nitrogen metabolism enzymes and phenolic compounds in garlic under conditions of stress caused by cadmium chloride has been investigated. The activity of AsAT and AlAT was determined by the Reitman and Frankel method, the activity of NAD-GDH by the NADH oxidation rate, the PC content by reaction with the Folin-Chocalteo reagent, the content of TBA-action products, by reaction with thiobarbituric acid. As a result of the article, the founded that in conditions of stress there is an increase in the activity of AsAT and AlAT with a conjoined increased in the activity of NAD-GDH, which can be considerated as exhibition of an adaptive reaction directed at the synthesis of pyruvate, oxaloacetate and glutamate, associated with the activation of sugars in the formed garlic bulbs, as well as an increase in the content of phenolic compounds and TBA-active products, which indicates the development of oxidative stress. Applicate of natrium selenate in the investigated concentration only results in a slight increase in AlAT activity and a tendency to increase AsAT activity in garlic bulbs, which proves the specific effect of the test drug and may be explained by its form and duration of exposure, but more significant effect was observed on the activity of NAD-GDH, in particular, in the direction of lowering the enzyme. The reduction of the content of phenolic compounds with a simultaneous decrease in the content of TBA-active products by treatment with the drug is shown, which proves the antioxidant effect of the investigated preparation under conditions of oxidative stress development. Applicate of natrium selenate in the stress concentration tested shows a partial decrease in the toxic effects of stress, which is confirmed by the data of the content of phenolic compounds and TBA-active products in garlic bulbs under experimental conditions. Perspective direction of this work is to find out the expediency of using selenium for stresses of different genesis, experiments on this are already being carried out.

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