Macromycetes Of Regional Landscape Park “tiligulskiy” (odessa Area)


О. А. Babenko, F. P. Tkachenko

The information about macromycetes of Tiligulskiy regional landscape park is reported. In total, we registered 47 species of 32 genera, 17 families, 6 orders in 2 classes (Pezizomycetes and Agaricomycetes). Taxonomical and ecological trophical analysises of mycobiota were performed. 17 species were added to the macromycetes composition of the park. Agaricus devoniensis, A. langei, A semotus, Disciseda bovista, Geastrum campestre, G. minimum, G. schmidelii, Clitocybe fragrans та Pleurotus eryngii are new species of the Right_Bank Steppe.


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