Mathematical Model Of Bird Species Identifying: Implication Of Radar Data Processing


V. V. Osadchyi, V. S. Eremeev, A. V. Matsyura

Here we presented the mathematical model for the selection of birds from radar data with further possibility to identify the species. The essential background was elaborated based on the parameters could be registered by radar and the mathematical processing of database consisted of known bird species features. We suggested to use some parameters, like bird length and body mass (calculated from radar cross-section), wingspan and wingbeat frequencies, that could be also obtained from radar data. We have concluded, that the suggested method could be used in identifying an unknown species of birds from results of the measured parameters of observed unknown individual. The body mass, length, wingspan, flight speed and other bird characteristics could be used as parameters, measured by visual survey. The use of a mathematical model allows to increase the range of observations and automate the processing of the experimental data obtained with the use of modern methods (radiotelemetry, bioacoustics, radar, etc.).


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