Modern distribution and phytocenotic features of Allium L. in the forest steppe of Dnipro region


V. L. Shevchyk, V. A.Badanina, A.V. Matsyura, N. M.Hordii, O. O. Bezsmertna, N. V. Rubanovska, A. I. Babytskiy

This paper is focused on the distribution of Allium L. in forest steppe, as this taxon characterized by small amount of chorological and phytocenotic information for Dnipro region. Our own database included more than 20 years of observations over the distribution, state of populations, and phytocenology of various species of Allium L. A total of 12 species of this genus have been identified in the specified territory. Among them four species have more-less widespread distribution at least in some parts of the region and show signs of synanthropophilia (Allium vineale, A. waldsteinii, A. oleraceum, and A. scorodoprasum); two occasionally encountered species of natural habitats (Allium ursinum, A. angulosum); some species with a relatively high representation of populations in groups of meadow-steppe vegetation on crystalline bedrock exposures and at-risk populations in other natural habitats (Allium senescens subsp. montanum, A. podolicum, and A. sphaerocephalon); several rare species for this region (Allium flavescens, A. paczoskianum, and A. guttatum). We also described their conservation status and suggested recommendations for regional protection with regards to their ecological and phytocenotic features.
Keywords: Allium L.; Dnipro region forest steppe; Phytocenotic features; Chorology; Rare species.
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