New data on the distribution of Pachymerium ferrugineum (C.L. Koch, 1835) (Chilopoda: Geophilomorpha: Geophilidae) in Central Asia


Yu.V. Dyachkov

The present work lists the genus Pachymerium C.L. Koch, 1847 and species P. ferrugineum (C.L. Koch, 1835), as well as the family Geophilidae and the order Geophilomorpha, to which they belong, as new to the fauna of the Khovd Aimag in Mongolia. This species is also new to Kyrgyzstan and to the East Kazakhstan and Almaty Regions of Kazakhstan. Distribution map is provided.

Keywords: Centipedes; Geophilidae; Pachymerium; faunistics; Kyrgyzstan; Mongolia; Kazakhstan

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