Preparation of drinking water by carusol reagent


I.L. Bashynska

In order to provide the population of Ukraine with drinking water, surface water of rivers, reservoirs, ponds, etc. are used as water sources in most cases. At the same time, the water treatment technologies, which are used in water facilities, are currently at the level of Soviet Union, when they were first developed and implemented, and it was decades ago. At that time the quality of water in the water supply sources was much better than it is now, and for many sources it was first-class. Thus, the water treatment facilities of the Public Utility “Zhytomyrvodokanal” were designed in regards to the quality of water in the “Vidsichne” reservoir, which also was the first-class. At the moment, the water quality in the water supply source is of 3rd or 4th class according to many indicators. Moreover, the existing outdated water treatment technologies cannot cope with pollutants such as colloidal suspended substances, manganese, taste, flavour, chloroform, permanganate oxidation, and others. The development of the latest methods for water purification and water treatment technologies forges ahead. Therefore, it is necessary to use all possibilities to provide the population of Zhytomyr with high-quality and safe drinking water.
The method for treatment of drinking tap water with the help of the reagent (an oxidizing agent of sodium permanganate (trade form CARUSOL)) is presented in this research. Besides, the article provides information on stable forms of manganese, which are important for use in drinking water treatment, and also on the chemical and physical properties of permanganates in general and on the CARUSOL reagent, in particular. The results of a series of laboratory experimental studies conducted in November-December 2015 are presented. The experimental studies were related to the introduction of a new reagent, an oxidizing agent CARUSOL, in the technology of water treatment at water supply facilities of the Public Utility “Zhytomyrvodokanal”. The obtained data testify to the expediency of using this reagent for purification of drinking water from excess concentrations of pollutants, such as manganese, permanganate oxidation and chloroform, since its ecological and economic efficiency is confirmed. Namely, the use of the Carusol reagent leads to a reduction in the dose of coagulant, and accordingly the total amount of coagulant used in the technological process of water treatment. It significantly reduces the concentration of trihalomethanes, manganese and permanganate oxidation in drinking water and leads to the saving of chlorine, since the phase of preliminary pre-oxidation on first lift is eliminated. The recommended point, at which the CARUSOL reagent should be applied, is proposed in the study; it should be done at the first lift as a stage of pre-oxidation of river water from the “Vidsichne” reservoir.

Keywords: Drinking water quality; chlorine; sodium permanganate; water treatment; chloroform; manganese; permanganate oxidation

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