River flow hydrograph simulation using the HBV-light model (an example of small rivers in Tomsk city, Western Siberia, Russia)


V.A. Zemtsov, S.G. Kopysov, H. Matsuyama, S.V. Negrul

The goal of this paper is to study the applicability of the conceptual model to simulate and predicting the small river flow hydrographs and maximum water discharges produced by meteorological factors in the context of climate change and land use modifications. Three small rivers, tributaries of Ob (the Bolshoy Tatosh River at the Bolshoy Tatosh gauge station) and Tom (the Basandayka River at Basandayka and the Poros River at Zorkaltsevo) are studied by means of flow hydrograph modeling based on the HBV-light model. The study area in the city of Tomsk and its vicinity is considered as a zone of compound extremes of flooding. Initial information for flow modeling includes open data of hydrometeorological observations for 2008-2017. Results of flow hydrograph simulation are of a good quality and might be useful for flow prediction in unaffected catchments, monitoring and management of flood situation in the Tomsk area and similar regions.

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