Sea buckthorn: new promising varieties and using their berries for the manufacture of functional products


Т. Z. Moskalets*, H. Vovkohon, N. P. Pеlеkhаtа, O. В. Ovezmyradova and V. M. Pеlеkhаtyi

Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) is a unique and valuable crop. Its raw materials (fruits, leaves, seeds) due to therapeutic and consumer characteristics are demanding globally. In Ukraine, the H. rhamnoides industry has yet to be developed. However, with recent emerging interest and increasing plantings, sea buckthorn will play a significant part in the future nutraceutical market. The widespread use of raw materials of sea buckthorn is limited due to insufficient knowledge of its biochemical composition and, as a result, the lack of effective technologies for its processing. A comprehensive study of sea buckthorn varieties on morphological, biochemical, physicochemical properties will make it possible to use raw fruit by target appointment to produce high biological products. One of the most effective solutions to food problems of the person connected with a lack of vitamins is the development of new compoundings and technologies of juice and dessert production of functional orientation. The research objects were new promising sea buckthorn varieties (of Institute of Horticulture National Academy Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine breeding: 'Lvivyanka', 'Osinnia krasunia', 'Mukshanska', 'Rapsodiia', 'Medova osin') and their berries. In the study, microbiological, biometrical, population-species, biochemical, and physicochemical research methods were used. According to morphological features (presence of thorns, shape, size, and color of fruits), pedigree and biochemical properties, the ranking of sea buckthorn varieties by ecotypic and selection-genetical affiliation of habitats into Сarpathian, Carpathian х Mongolian, Jutland х Mongolian, Jutland х Siberian ecotypes were carried out. Biochemical, physicochemical analysis of fruits of new varieties of sea buckthorn breeding of the Institute of Horticulture of National Academy Agrarian Sciences (Ukraine) was presented, and recipes and technological parameters of blended juices and biscuit cakes were developed as new products with high biological value. Sea buckthorn berries have powerful bioindustrial potential, which requires further detailed study and a broader use in the food industry.

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