The Influence Of Adrenaline, Prednisolone And Pilocarpine On The Functional Status Of Pancreatic Islets And Thymus Of Golden Hamsters


V. N. Grigorova, M. A. Kuzmina, A. K. Karpov

The article discovered the effect of Adrenaline, Prednisolone, and Pilocarpine on blood glucose level, insulin, and zinc in B pancreatic cells and thymic epithelial cells (TEC) of golden hamsters Mesocricetus auratus. The amount of zinc in the B-insulocytes and TEC was determined using highly selective luminescent reaction 8-(p-toluenesulfonylamino)-quinoline. It was found that the hyperglycemia development, accumulation of zinc and insulin in the islet B-cells together with zinc accumulation in thymus cells was descended under the Adrenaline and Prednisolone influence that indicates the inhibition of the cell's functional state. On the contrary Pilocarpine injection led to hypoglycemia, reduction of research intracellular components that indicates the enhancement of the B-insulocytes and TEC functional activity. The correlation analysis confirms the assumption of a functional link between zinc and insulin in pancreatic B cells, as well as between research cells of pancreas and thymus glands.

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