The methodology resource suggestion with environmental criteria for rationality agricultural systems estimation


Yu.P. Manko, O.A. Tsyuk, L.V. Tsentulo, O.V. Shemetun

Methodical resource for an integrated estimation of the rationality experimental agricultural systems as a multifactorial and multidimensional object has been created. The research aim was attained by the theoretical (analysis, synthesis, alternative, inversions, judgments, dialectics, statistical examination) and experimental (laboratory, field) methods. In the course of conducting research, according to its programs, the following tasks were performed: 1) 10 criteria for the four bases of the agricultural system: economic, energy, economic and environmental efficiency and scale for values its indicators estimation were worked out; 2) original version of the cluster analysis was elaborated. It makes possible to contain information on the observed criteria indicators of the set investigated agriculture systems characteristics in a single digit compared to the identified scale; 3) an approbation of the proposed methodical complex is carried out on the the comparative estimation example of the 12 variants of the agricultural system: according to the results of 16-year observations in a stationary field experiment.

Keywords: Methodical resource; rationality of the agricultural system; criteria; cluster analysis; economic; energy; economic; ecological efficiency

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