Udder morphological traits, milking characteristics and machine milking ability of ewes of Tsigai, improved valachian, lacaune breeds and their crosses


P. Makovický*, M. Milerski, P. Makovický, M. Margetín and M. Nagy

We evaluated morphology of udder and milkability of ewes (583 observations with each trait) in ewes of 8 genotypes (286 ewes) created of the basis of Tsigai (T), Improved Valachian (IV) and Lacaune (LC) breeds. All studied parameters were influenced by the genotype (P<0.001), many of them also by the effect of parity. Linear assessment (9 points scale) and exact measures of udder showed that ewes of T and IV breeds had smaller udder, with smaller cisterns and better teat position than ewes of LC breed. Portion of machine stripping (PMS) was the best in IV ewes (26.0%) out of the purebred breeds, then in T ewes (27.2%) and the highest with purebred IV ewes (36.3%). The highest portion of milk milked within 30 and 60 seconds out of total milk yield was in ewes of T, then with machine milk (r=0.296 and/or 0.314) as well as with total milk yield (r=0.465 and/or 0.518; P<0.001). PMS was significantly influenced by size of teat (r=0.177 and/or 0.113; P<0.001) and it was depend on udder attachment (r=-0.205; P<0.001) and general udder shape (r=-0141; P<0.001).

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