Nitrogen balance in short crop rotations under various systems for restoring sod-podzolic soil fertility


M.M. Parkhomenko, A.I. Lychuk, A.O. Butenko*, O.Yu. Karpenko, V.M. Rozhko, O.M. Tsyz, T.O. Chernega, O.P. Tymoshenko and O.P. Chmel

The influence of traditional organic-mineral, mineral, alternative (ecological) fertilizer systems on the nitrogen regime of the soil and nitrogen balance in the system "fertilizer-plant"in the conditions of Left Bank Chernihiv Polissya of Ukraine is studied. The fertilizer systems, influenced by grain and grain-potato short crop rotations on the soil and nitrogen balance, are presented. The intensity of nitrogen balance in traditional, mineral, organic, and alternative fertilizer systems in grain and grain-potato short crop rotations has been established. Nitrogen input into the soil with roots, post-harvest residues, by-products, and green manure was determined. The influence of crop set in crop rotations on the nitrogen regime of sod-podzolic sandy soil is determined.

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