Ecological and hygienic assessment of drinking water quality of Kyiv Polissya


I.V. Shumyhai, O.V. Yermishev*, V.P. Landin, O.V. Togachynska and A.V. Kotynskyi

The problem of providing the population with quality drinking water in conditions of intense anthropogenic pressure on the environment is actual. The need for clean water is especially acute in industrial regions and territories with decentralized water supply, including Kyiv Polissya. The paper presents the results of a study of the chemical composition of drinking water in the settlements of Kyiv-Sviatoshynskyi and Fastivskyi districts of Kyiv region. The level of natural and anthropogenic loads is characterized. The high level of groundwater pollution in the studied areas is due to their insufficient protection against vertical filtration of pollutants. Within the Kyiv region groundwater is almost everywhere unprotected. Hence, the sewage water of industrial entities pollutes water reservoirs with various ecotoxicants. Qualitative condition and level of drinking water pollution in residential areas in the region is generally characterized by the ratio of the number of examination in overrun of the approved standards of the MPC (Maximum permissible concentration) to the total number of examines performed. The analysis of this situation showed that the Kyiv`s region examined areas face the problem of bad quality groundwater composition. Overrun of the hygienic standard of water hardness and concentration of calcium ions and nitrates in it is established. Now, the unfavorable environmental situation in the region affects the population health`s and has a strong regional nature.

Currently, the unfavorable environmental situation in the region affects the health of the population and has a clear regional character. Most residents of some areas consume drinking water, which is an independent environmental station. Dangerous drinking water has created a set of social and health problems. Assessment of drinking water quality for its ecological and hygienic characteristics allows to assess the possibility of impact on human health.

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